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Having experienced different historical development over the centuries this area has remained the meeting place of cultures and religions with traces clearly visible today. Drive to Neum along the coast, then inlands through the picturesque Neretva River Delta with a stop in Počitelj. This fotress-town is a well preserved example of oriental architecture perched on a hillside above the river. We continue towards Mostar. During the Turkish rule, the city developed on the banks of the river as an important trade centre on caravan routes. We tour the old city of Mostar included in 2005 on the UNESCO's World Heritage List, with its graceful Old Bridge with a single span, colourful Bazaar with traditional handicrafts, Mosque and a typical Turkish house.

Included in price

  • All transfers covered
  • Guide and entrance fees included.
  • Passport is obligatory.

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  • Tour duration: Full day
  • Destination: Mostar
Package Price: €52.00

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